Bowties for Bowzer

Lemme tell ya, we made some pet bowties and they suuuure are pupular! You could even say they are the cat's meow! Eh? Eeeh? See what I did there??? 
Well anyways, we made a lot of awesome bowties for kitties, puppies or anything else with a collar on! Check out our fabulous models: 

Beautiful girls! Booboo is wearing a size medium 'Map of Middle Earth' bowtie, Clara and Tillie are in size small 'Vader' and 'Tetris' ties and sweet Zoe is in a large 'Spider-man.' There are a ton more in the shop, plus some super sweet men's clothing! 

So go to nerdalertdesigns.storenvy.com and check it out! You'd be crazy not to!


texas comicon and then some!

this past weekend we all headed out to the texas comicon at the san antonio event center! this was our second year attending, and it was even more fun that before!

last year we had just started out, and went as the vintage-avengers:
we were very proud of those costumes!

this year we decided to foxy it up a bit and went as starwars pinups!
i know, right? hubba hubba!

sofi went as an imperial admiral, i (crissy) went as lando, amanda went as darth vader and kathy as a rebel pilot. our costumes were definitely unique, and seemed to be a big hit! here are a few 'action shots' from the con with some of our favorite people out there:
amanda's hubby tommy and our ol' pal scott hung out on sunday
if you haven't met san antonio's aquaman, you are missing out!

amanda couldn't join us on friday, so we busted out a few classics with my main squeeze, tyler

we had WAY too much fun at saturday night's after party with our friend jennifer, who you may recognize from fashionablygeek.com as doctor whooves
our good friend anthony not only made it to the front page of reddit with his amazing tenth doctor cosplay, but he also made a girl faint just by being him. true story.
 amanda made her husband the best kraven the hunter costume! j.m. dematteis was beside himeself to see him, but that moment was nothing compared to when tommy (serious here guys) gave erik bauersfeld his FIRST HIGH FIVE EVER!!!

so as you can probably tell, we had a really good time! all of our costumes are going to be available  in our new store, plus i think sofi will be sporting one or two of them with a certain sexy vamptress at SDCC! so stay tuned, we have plenty more coming!!!


nerd alert has a new member! meet clara bow doctor who


and here we go!

ladies and gentlemen- behold: OUR STORE IS UP AND RUNNING!
it only took us what felt like forever, but you can now purchase some fantastic one-of-a-kind items from nerd alert designs! we have a lot of great new items available, and will be putting up menswear very soon! also, you can expect this site to become our new full store very soon, where you will be able to order items to your size!
happy shopping, and if you're in town this weekend, be sure to check us out at the texas comic-con! we will be the babes dressed as star wars pin ups ;)


be patient, great big things are coming!

If you've been looking for our store lately, I'm sure you've noticed by now that it's gone. Yep. No more etsy! We decided to close the store down towards the end of last year while we collected ourselves, but don't worry, we have some good news about Nerd Alert Designs:


Well, almost anyways. We will be launching two new store in the next few weeks. On our facebook page you will soon be able to purchase one-of-a-kind items such as skirts, dresses, jewelry, bowties and more. We will also be changing this website to a fancy-pants online store where you will also be able to keep up to date on cons we will be attending, events we will be at, charity work we will take part in and so on. It's gonna be AWESOME!
So, hold tight just a little while longer, and we will soon be back in action! If you haven't already, be sure to 'like' us on facebook by clicking here. Now check out a few new designs we have been working on, coming soon!
Lotsa Love,
Kathy, Amanda, Crissy and Sofi